Top 6 Most Expensive Men’s Underwear in the World

While the title sounds a little bit conspicuous and controversial. Our team at Men’s Have took the time to investigate what is out there online. What better way than to survey and use our time analyzing the Most Expensive Men’s Underwear?Because why not?

The internet is filled with some of the most unusual content, you can entertain and educate yourself for hours. While we are not sure if you are going to need this expensive boxers and men’s brief in the future. We compiled it for you anyway. Just in case, you’ll never know.

1. Lacoste Men’s Underwear Cotton Stretch Briefs

Perhaps its the texture and the fact that it is 95% cotton and designed by one of the most important brands in the world Lacoste this is why this men’s underwear will cost you a whopping $45 a piece. Amazon reviews claim that this men’s brief feels great on the skin and would make your rear end look superb. We are not sure what that means, but maybe the reviews and comments online would make this Lacoste underwear worth a try don’t you think?

2. Tani Swisstouch Boxer Brief

The creator Tani claims that this underwear is definitely the new standard of simple and sophisticated. Made from Switzerland, this posh Boxer brief is sure to make any wearer stand out. The Tani Swisstouch Boxer Brief can be purchased for $60 and is said to be extremely versatile and the design is retained no matter how many washes it has already undergone.

3. Frigo No. 1 Exclusive Boxer Briefs

While there is always Lacoste and reliable Calvin Klein’s when it comes to men’s underwear a new comer in the industry dares to be different. Frigo No. 1 is priced at a whopping $100. Creators say that this exclusive boxers would make you irresistible to women. Nope, just kidding. These boxer briefs are state of the art fabrication and comes with ” coolmax wicking”, whatever that means. And comes with a noticeable next generation waistband that would make you feel like you are wearing a sophisticated sports attire.

4. Yunisu Men Men’s Summer New Painted Sexy Underwear Sexy Fashionable Flat-Angle Underwear Boxer Briefs

Yunisu Men Men’s Summer New painted sexy underwear has an extremely long name and comes with a huge price tag. This is a $404 piece of men’s underwear. It comes in different colors including metallic gold. We are not sure who and when could men use this sexy underwear or why but it definitely makes it into the list. We are not sure if men have really enjoyed wearing this men’s brief, but we know for sure that the ones who have this on their closet are pretty brave.

5. Versace Barocco Animalier Brief

Not looking for something that would cost 500 dollars or more but still flashy, pretty much expensive and ridiculous for men’s underwear? Or feeling fashionable and outlandish for your next pool party or pool photoshoot? Then this Versace men’s underwear sold for $150 would definitely kindle your fancy.

6. $1,000 Cashmere Men’s Brief by Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry’s co founder Ricky Choi is proud to unveil this $1,000 cashmere boxer. It was created using 100% cashmere, no wool or low grade stuff was used in the process and it was designed with a team of experts in New York, every pair was crafted by hand. This limited edition cashmere boxer brief also comes with 24k gold embroidery and an impressive horn button closure. We are not sure if this boxer’s brief would suddenly make your more fertile or good in bed, or give you exuding macho appeal- but if you own one you could definitely brag that you own the most expensive men’s underwear in the world for the heck of it and enjoy!

(nice laundry)

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