Skin Care 101 For Men

Let’s face it both men and women experience acne, face breakouts, dry skin. Skin care products and skin care essentials are no longer just for women. And it doesn’t make you less of a guy if you try learning about proper grooming techniques. After all, every human being should strive to look their best. Fresh looking skin and healthy looking skin should never be underestimated.

But admittedly, due to the number of skin care products cropping up every now and then it could be a very daunting and confusing task to understand where to begin. Here is a simplified guide to Skin Care Basics for men. For you to understand the absolute essentials, and to avoid damaging your skin. Here are the basic essentials that every men should have in their skin care arsenal. It will help make all the difference, give you a boost of confidence and just generally make you feel better.

Beginner Level For Male Skin Care:

1.Facial Cleanser

Unfortunately despite your best efforts to wash your face with soap it will never be enough. No matter how much soap brands advertise that they are gentle, most of the soaps sold contain harsh chemicals and it would be best to avoid using them on the face. If you want to protect your skin, lessen your acne breakouts, and just look generally fresher and more handsome then you should add a Facial cleanser in your cabinet. Get a facial cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients, and preferably the ones with salicylic acid, or even witch hazel and use it twice a day in the morning and in the night. Finding facial cleanser with cucumber or papaya extracts is also good.

Facial cleansers remove excess dirt, without stripping away the protective barrier of the skin, while providing much needed moisture.

2. Eye Cream

Yes. Eye cream is an absolute skin care essential for males. If you are super hard working and work for many long hours, a digital marketer, working for an IT company, or an engineer perhaps? Fashion designer, restaurant owner, start up CEO, whatever it is that makes you sleep late your absolute best friend in maintaining your good looks is an Eye Cream. An eye cream helps you fight unsightly circles and puffy eye bags. Eye creams make it less obvious that you are super addicted to that new game you purchased. Remember that the skin under your eyes are extra vulnerable, so to make sure that you will look extra juicy, attention grabbing or plain more attractive, after using the facial cleanser, make sure to add in an eye cream.

Check for eye creams that contain Retinol- A and the ones with Neopeptides and Hyaluronic Acid.

3. Moisturizer

While moisturizer is a bit sticky it is a definite must.You just need to apply it at the right time, so that it won’t look greasy. Moisturizers are best applied at night before you sleep. You should also choose moisturizers that come with lightweight formula so that your skin will look well nourished. Moisturizers are best to resolving issues with skin dryness and helps lock in moisture around the area. When choosing moisturizers, look for the word lotion or gel instead of creams if you are a beginner on male skin care essentials. If you have highly sensitive skin, check for moisturizers that are gluten free, fragrance free and paraben free. As much as possible find skin care for males that are certified organic.

4. SPF

SPF is needed to avoid further sun damage. We are well aware by now that the sun produces UV rays and we encounter this from day to day. To avoid faster aging and to look much more youthful especially if you are working as a celebrity or a model endorser then you should select skin care products with SPF and protection from harmful rays of the sun. Put on daily sunscreen as a way to protect the skin from further damage. Find sunscreen that comes with skin-hydrating ingredients. As a beginner on skin care for men, this is the 3 absolute skin care products that you must have. Strive to have discipline and remember to use them in the morning and at night. Avoid playing with advanced level skin care creams for the moment. Your skin is just adjusting.

Some skin care products are too advanced and should be used with caution like Chemical exfoliators. Chemical exfoliators remove dead skin cells around the surface of the face, but they should be used only if you have already mastered the first 3 skin care basics on the list.

Advance Level Tips:

Avoid washing your face more than twice a day, once is enough to avoid dryness. Avoid touching the skin when you have acne, and avoid popping your pimples or zits to avoid the bacteria from spreading to other areas. Use lukewarm water when taking a shower, instead of hot showers. Make sure to limit your shower time for up to 8 to 10 minutes only to avoid removing the natural essential oils of the skin. Apply moisturizing lotion right after your shower and moisturize after you washed your hands.

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