Meet OK Taecyeon South Korean Rapper, Actor and Entrepreneur

Ok Taec-yeon hails from South Korea and was first known as a rapper, singer, songwriter before he became a bonafide actor and entrepreneur. He is part of the Korean boy group 2PM.

2PM has successfully debuted songs like ” Again&Again“, and proceeded to have massive hits since 2010, 2011 until 2009 before the members became active with their solo projects.

Ok Taecyeon debuted in his first acting career back in 2010 for the Korean drama Cinderella’s Sister, he then went on to the highly successful Dream High (2011). His most popular Korean drama series is featured on Netflix as of the present time is Let’s Fight, Ghost released in 2016.

Ok Taecyeon wasn’t always interested in acting and becoming worldwide famous. But due to the encouragement of her sister Jihyen he participated in a JYP Entertainment audition and the rest is history.

He got chosen as part of the final 35 while residing in New York with his family. He then went back to South Korea, entered the competition and decided to become a model. But due to the insistence of judges, he had to train first to become a dancer and singer in the show Superstar Survival which made his fame increase.

Taecyeon lived in Massachusetts for 7 years, he attended the Bedford High School and was an active member of the Chess Club, JV soccer team, Jazz band and part of the National Honor Society before fully growing his career in South Korea where he became immensely successful.

He transferred to South Korea and while becoming a celebrity, he pushed on and studied Business Administration at Dankook University, and even attended the Korea University Graduate School of International Studies.

Ok Taecyeon is well versed in English, Korean and Japanese. He is very famous and known for his well-built physique. Ok Taecyeon is well admired for his immense strength and discipline as an actor and musician. After gaining exposure, he went for a solo career and released his first solo Japanese album as Taecyeon Special: Winter back in 2017. He went on to successfully fill a solo concert named ‘ Taecyeon (From 2PM) Premium Concert’ at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan. In July 2018, he signed an exclusive contract with 51K, an agency established by So Ji-sub after his contract ended in JYP Entertainment.

Ok Taecyeon also became a host of the SBS music show Inkigayo, his turn to acting gigs resulted in high ratings and Dream High where he participated in received high domestic ratings, allowing him to receive international popularity.

In 2016, he starred in horror comedy Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight with Kim So-hyun and proceeded to do other film projects before getting enlisted for the military after giving up his American permanent residence visa.

In 2017 of September 4, the actor Taecyeon officially enlisted as an active duty soldier and began his mandatory military service. He completed his basic military training on October 18 and was put in the 9th Infantry Division in Gyeonggi Province as he performed the role of military instruction assistant.

Ok Taecyeon was praised by South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon for his efforts to enlist in active duty on June 20, 2018. On October 1, 2018, the actor Taecyeon led the future combat system demonstration in the 70th Armed Forces Day Celebration where new and improved combat gear and equipment of South Korea were featured.

He gave up his American residency and as a result created a great example for others to follow. Despite receiving surgery for the discs in his back, he still accepted active duty. He is faithful in his service as a military.

In 2019, he got promoted as a Sergeant for his conduct in serving the military. He is known for his superb records, exemplary character, and good performance inside the military earning him the ” Special Class Warrior”, given by his division commander and was awarded as ‘ Model Soldier’ by the Ministry of National Defense.

He is called in Korea with the nickname ” Captain Korea”. He already finished his military service last May 16, 2019, and is already set to return in the entertainment industry.

Ok Taecyeon

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The Korean star expressed his gratitude for receiving the commendation. “I feel so honored and thankful that I received this award on behalf of many soldiers of the army and I learned a lot through my military life,” he said.

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Taecyeon is returning to the small screen with MBC’s new drama, titled

” The Game”. He will play the main role of Kim Tae Pyung. ” The Game” is a mystery melodrama about a man who can see death, a detective working in a mysterious murder case, and he uncovers hidden secrets. He will play the role of a prophet who sees the death of people before their time and meets detective Joon Young, whose death is the only one he cannot see. This is is the first drama before being released. ” The Game” is the creation of PD Jang Jun Ho of dramas ” Time” and ” Begin Again”, with writer Lee Ji Hyo of ” King of Dramas”.

Life as an Entrepreneur:

Ok Taecyeon launched OKCAT as a character in Kakao Talk. This was inspired from his early love for drawing and art, he released his set of emoticons and called it ‘ The OKCAT Live”, he released his sketches giving fans a good laugh. He also gave a unique CEO Appearance, introducing various OKCAT items while expounding on the direction of his business. Ok Taecyeon also released to fans the ” OKCAT song” followed by a fan signing event filled with wit and humor.

Taecyeon said, “I’m so happy to be able to showcase to everyone this character that my fans loved so much. With the strength from everyone’s support, I will do my very best. Thank you.”

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