How rich is South Korean Actor Gong Yoo?

After the successful run of film Train to Busan, the face of actor Gong Yoo is now everywhere. He is arguably one of the most recognized faces in the industry. Many people know him by this role in the Guardian’ The Lonely and Great God as Goblin. Due to his immense acting skills and prowess he went on and bagged the Best Actor at the Baeksang Awards. Gong Yoo has many successful projects under his belt and this includes the 2016 The Age of Shadows, it was so good it surpassed film critics expectation and received 6 million admission in just 2 weeks.

Gong Yoo also known to his fans as Goblin is one of the most highly acclaimed and successful Asian actors of all time. His real name is Gong Ji- cheol and is under the talent management SOOP Management.

How much is the Net Worth of Gong Yoo?

We have been seeing Gong Yoo for so many projects and since he is one of the most successful South Korean actors, one cannot help but ask what is his net worth. How rich is Gong Yoo? Undoubtedly he is one of the best paid actors and has a net worth of 3 million dollars.


To prove that he is really making bank and is immensely wealthy, his fan meets in Taiwan already allow him to earn 20 million per day or 17,000 US Dollars and we have not even calculated the amount of money he is receiving for endorsements in different countries.

South Koreans are without a doubt some of the best paid influencers in the market today. Even elite brands are already switching to Korean influencers due to their global effect on the market. Gong Yoo is able to maintain his identity as one of the most sought after leading actors in South Korea who is at the age of 40.

Korean A-list actor Gong Yoo dropped an ad for a new endorsement, BC Card, the leading payment processing company in South Korea. Projects like these offer Gong Yoo’s fans a chance to see him on screen even if he hasn’t taken on any acting role since Goblin wrapped up in 2017.

In the latest CF, the actor is seen sharing the features and benefits of having the BC Card. He is seen exploring the city in his recently purchased red top down car and dining at a fancy restaurant.

Gong Yoo is an A-list actor and is also endorsing Asus a big tech company in the Asia Pacific Region. He has numerous endorsement all over the world that continuously increased his wealth. Gong Yoo is also the endorser of Epigram, Discovery Expedition, Iloom, Coway Water Purifier, elite brand Louis Vuitton in 2017, The Body Shop in 2015. Domino’s Pizza, LG, O Hui for Men, SK Telecom, Hanafos and Blue Mobile including Fanta.

The ability of Korean influencers to maintain integrity and brand recall in products that they are endorsing has landed them some of the biggest contracts in the world. one of the best social media influencer provider in Asia has recognized the efforts and contributions of South Korean influencers globally to the growing economy of Korea. The influence of South Korean influencers are also immense in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan.

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