Former iKON member Hanbin is ‘Doing Well’ and Making Music Again

After Hanbin’s painful departure from iKON that broke the hearts of thousands of K-pop fans, Hanbin is reportedly doing well and making music again. A known Billboard K-pop columnist who frequently posts spoilers on his Twitter account became vocal about the current whereabouts of Hanbin and said B.I is “doing well”.

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After a few hours, one of B.I’s main fan accounts in China, Hanbinbar, began to update fans that he received a late birthday gift – which was new recording equipment. The gift he received he used to produce music again, as a form of healing. The recording equipment reportedly got damaged in the process of making, showing proof that Hanbin is going back to his element and is now once again busily and happily exploring his way back to music.

Early Life and History of Kim Han-bin

Kim Han-bin was born on October 22, 1996, in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and made his first appearance for the promotion of MC Mong’s single ” Indian Boy”, he appeared in the music video, ” Horror Show”. After this, he got discovered and signed up as a trainee and became part of the group iKON that allowed him to gain worldwide fame.

He became the leader of the iKON, and is also known for his stage name as B.I. He is known for his songwriting skills and he was credited for all released under the group including their debut full-length studio album, Welcome Back, he collaborated for singles like #WYD, New Kids: Begin, including iKON’s second album ” Return”.

Massive Support and Love of Fans for Kim Hanbin

The massive support that B.I has received from fans which included special gifts and celebration announcements in the buses in Korea, including building a bridge for an Asian village, worked! Fans gave special gifts with meanings with the clear intention of wanting Hanbin’s future and immediate comeback in music.

South Korean celebrities are not new to these kinds of support. Most K-pop fans, including Korean drama fans, usually gift luxurious fashion items to favorite Korean celebrities and performers. Hanbin reportedly received a customized microphone set that had 5500 cubics of ‘Black Diamond 2mm Swarovski- revealing that there are a strong urge and support of fans for Hanbin’s return. The customized microphone even had a lifetime warranty so that fans to do not have to worry about the diamond cubic falling off.

A Fan union has also created a special message book for B.I, it contained supportive and encouraging letters to Hanbin. On the message book cover, the words ” We are waiting for you.” was written. The gifts were reportedly sent to Hanbin through his mother’s perfumery shop. DC B.I gallery remains active with its support despite several months of Hanbin’s departure from the limelight. Fans were very vocal about their support and love for Hanbin.

Kim Hanbin has a huge fan base in Korea and China, including the Philippines. It is said that the love of fans revived this love for music, the continuous encouragement uplifted the artist’s soul. This is a much needed good news in the Korean music industry.

The fans clearly want Hanbin to make a strong come back, the birthday gifts were carefully thought out. Hanbin once said that music is his life. He is not known for being materialistic, but he does love using gifts that came from fans. Although the fans cannot do much about the situation where B.I is in right now, they still found a way to show their support and love through the gift of music. Music makes Hanbin happy, knowing that someone can appreciate and listen to your songs can definitely heal a wounded soul.

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