6 Things You Need to Know about Yeo Jin-Goo of Hotel Del Luna

Yeo Jin-Goo plays the charismatic, gentle and idealistic man Koo Chan-Seong, who was in love with the hotel owner Jang Man Wol. He plays the role of handsome Harvard MBA graduate, who was hired as the new general manager of Ghost Hotel Hotel Del Luna.


Here are the 6 Fast facts that you need to know about the endearing Koo Chan-Seong that captured the hearts and admiration of many.

  1. Yeo Jin-goo is not new in the Korean drama industry, he began his career as a child actor and had a first film debut in the film Sad Movie in 2005. He was nicknamed as the ” Nation’s Little Brother“, as he is used to playing younger character of the lead roles for films like A Frozen Flower, Giant and Moon Embracing the Sun as well as Missing You.
  2. Due to his impressive acting skills at a very young age, he already won Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. After this he went on to take more roles in various Korean dramas and films like Warriors of the Dawn, Orange Marmalade, The Royal Gambler, My Absolute Boyfriend and now the immense Netflix Hit Series Hotel Del Luna. Yeo Jin-Goo was the one who insisted on becoming an actor, his parents was first against it.
  3. Yeo Jin-Goo just came for a visit in Singapore and expressed that out of the characters he has played in movies and drama series he can relate best to his character Koo Chan Sung in Hotel Del Luna. He says, that this character is closest to his real personality in real life. He expressed the fact that he values self-esteem a lot. The actor described himself as timid person. He had encountered challenges in playing the role but expressed amazement for the story plot. In his interview with Forbes.com he said

” “I took the role because I was curious about what would happen in this mysterious place. Indeed, I was deeply impressed by the character Koo Chan-Sung. I tried to imagine that if I was a man who can see ghosts, I would probably ask them about their life and sufferings. The world is full of secrets that nobody knows—that’s what the character Mr. Noh in the drama said, and I really want to unfold those secrets by myself.” – Yeo Jin Goo ( Forbes.com)

4. Although the ending of Hotel Del Luna was bittersweet and Man-wol and Chan-Sung had to let go each other, the actor expressed that he agrees with the ending. While it is hard to accept the bitter truth because Man-wol had to die, he was hopeful of the rebirth of the characters, which means he believes they will definitely meet again in the next life.

5. After playing the good guy roles, and being known for his sensitive side and charms in acting. Yeo Jin Goo expressed that for his next Korean drama and movies he would like to try a new side of acting. He wishes to be given roles that would allow him to play a villain. This is his next goal for acting and he wants to accomplish this soon.

6. His role Chang Sung was portrayed as someone who is fearful of ghosts, but the actor Jin-goo in real life clarified that unlike his character in Hotel Del Luna, he isn’t afraid of ghosts in real life. In fact he is very curious and wants to explore more supernatural things. He is indeed very comfortable with a spooky theme. Upon reading the script, he already knew that Hotel Del Luna was going to be a hit, but he still expressed immense gratitude upon learning that it became worldwide famous.

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