13 Tips How To Become a True Classy Gentleman

In an age where being trashy and lewd is the key to creating a name, is it still possible to find classy gentlemen? Don’t get me wrong, becoming a gentleman is not simply holding the door for a woman, the traits of a genuine Classy gentleman is more than just holding the door but upholding the right ideas and principles.

Back in the day, we had so many respectable men to look up to. Here are some of the most timeless tips on how to be a classy gentleman.

1. Refine your Character by Improving Your Education through Reading Good Books

Let’s face it, to be able to reach to a level of enormous heights, you need to get proper education. Get some training and read as much as you can, browse through philosophical books and texts, teachings from the best minds of the world. Browse historical books and readings and see how the Masters did it. How did the most respectable people and leaders in the world have created their name? How did the most respected men in history do it? And most of all, get the best and proper guidance and instruction a man could have, and that is by reading and following the life of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was the best influencer, he exemplified true and real sacrifice, camaraderie. Willingness to help, how to become a good friend and not to turn the other cheek. Becoming a gentleman is not just about the tuxedo suit, or looking awesome of having the best car in the world. It is more on how you treat the people around you. Jesus Christ was a God who became man, to redeem humanity from sins, and once the deed was accomplished Christ ascended to heaven. The New Testament is the best proof, guide and instruction to read if you want to become classy- follow Jesus Christ.

2. A Good Gentleman Has Respect for His Mother and Father

We all lead different lives and we have different stories, many of us would have a hard time forgiving our parents. Our mother and father, but the real and true classy gentleman will find a way to seek reconciliation and respect his mother and father.

3. Respect the Women in Our Life

A real and true classy gentleman will seek to protect and assist the woman in his life. This means, not abusing any woman physically nor through brutal words and instructions. A real true and classy gentleman is able to respect his wife, his sister, his mother. A true and real classy guy will not cheat or commit adultery, he will not be persuaded by the lust in this eyes, instead he will uphold his household and become exemplary in the eyes of this family members, especially in the eyes of his children.

4. A True Classy Gentleman is a Good Provider

A true and classy guy has the willingness to work with integrity. To save and build his financial assets, to contribute to the growth of his loved ones instead of becoming a burden. A true gentleman has a good dream and follows through, he is disciplined enough to want to make good changes and lifestyle habits that does not get him into debt. A true and classy gentleman is able to purchase what he needs, without relying on others to do it for him, because he is able to decide and act accordingly instead of expecting others to solve his problems for him. A true gentleman can of course ask help from time to time, but he learns to value his time and learns to build and grow and cultivate his mind and skills the older he gets.

5. A True and Classy gentleman is humble

A true and classy gentleman understands his own skills and strength. He does not need to act overly confident in anything. Instead, he is humble and is willing to help the people around him. A classy gentleman is not insecure, and does not see others as competition, because he understands that he himself has unique and special abilities. He remains humble and does not allow himself to be gobbled up or destroyed by Pride.

6. A True Classy Gentleman is Not Afraid to be Creative

A real and true classy gentleman, should be willing to delve in creativity. To understand his passion and his art. His many crafts, he is not afraid to study new information and to explore all that he can explore by the talents given to him by God.

Some of the greatest gentleman that has ever lived includes William Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci and Socrates. These classic men dedicated their life into adding beauty and art wherever they go. They challenged the norm and were brave enough to produce something new that changed the world we are living in.

7. A True Classy Gentleman Knows and Listens to Great Music

Your favorite song and melody says a lot about you and your character. A true gentleman is open to changes, exploring different types of music, immersing himself and is not prone to trashy talk and lewd music. A true gentleman creates music that inspires, that influences and moves the world around him just like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Beethoven. Ludwig van Beethoven composed and created many pieces through the piano and produced some of the greatest symphonies and concertos the world has known using the piano and the violin.

8. A True Gentleman is Able to Give Back to His Community

The greatest men and minds that the world has seen is able to give back to their community. After receiving so much success, Bill Gates himself, did not shy away from helping others. As a true and real good gentleman, he is using his reputation for the good. He is one of the best philanthropist and humanitarian the world has known, offering his finances and abundance as well as technology know how and research to many impoverished countries making him a true classy gentleman.

9. A True Classy Gentleman offers to pay the bill

While there is much debate on this matter, this idea holds true. A man should be able to offer to pay the bill. They can decide to split it in half, if the woman does not want it, but offering is a sign and gesture of respect. This is because a gentleman who is able to do this, is showing that he has respect for you and is willing to be of service to you and that in paying the meal he is not asking for anything back. He is just plain kind and wants his date to have a great time.

10. A true Classy Gentleman is Able to protect the Weak

A gentleman uses his strength to help the poor, the weak and the orphans as well as the widows, looking for nothing in return. He simply knows that he was given exemplary strength as a man, and he will use it to act as a Modern Knight. A gentleman has the heart of a warrior, ready to defend the weak and to fight for what is fair and just. Never using his physical strength to create brawls and unnecessary fights. He calculates and plans well, if he can choose peace he will do so instead of fighting. He strives to be exemplary and uses mercy to other accordingly.

11. A Real and True Gentleman Knows How to Say Thank you

A true and real gentleman understands that nothing is achieved alone,and that man is blessed and able to do all his great work by the Grace of God. This is why he prays and thanks the Lord. He also recognizes the help of the people around him, his team. He shows appreciation for his friends, his family, his wife, his children. If he has a business he recognizes the hardship and hard work of his employees and shows gratitude for them by being open with his praise and thanks. By giving bonuses, saying kind words and rewarding employees. The simple act of being able to say thank you and grateful for the many great things that God has given. A true gentleman finds the time to be grateful and inspire the people around him.

12. A true Classy Gentleman has Authenticity

Authenticity simply mean being true to oneself and to others, to have courage to be who you really are. To speak from the heart and have the guts to do so instead of covering up one’s mistakes or acting like he is better than everyone else. A classy gentleman is brave enough to admit when he is wrong, and would do the necessary changes to improve himself. He is authentic, and does actions that speak true to his character instead of wearing a mask just to be loved and appreciated by the people around him. He is not afraid to be rejected when needed, he is not afraid to do what is right.

“Just be who you are and speak from your guts and heart–it’s all a man has.”
—Hubert Humphrey

13. A True Classy Gentleman is Approachable and Willing to Accept Criticism

He knows that he is more than the clothes and the expensive watch he is wearing. Instead he makes it a point to listen to others, to be open to criticism, to other viewpoints than his own. But to also stand his ground when necessary. A true gentleman welcomes challenges, and is also approachable. People are not afraid to speak up and offer insight because they know it will be met with wisdom. As a gentleman is able to answer the right questions that help him evolve, while taking consideration of the people around him.

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