10 Wealthiest and Influential Korean Actors in the World

Without a doubt the Korean fever or Hallyu wave has infected everyone, it would come as no surprise, that Korean artists and talents are now the biggest resources of Korea contributing billions and billions of dollars in their economy.

We compiled the Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actors, the most loved and Korean actors who made a huge impression all over the world apart from BTS. The amount of money is not listed according to order, due to the different contracts and brands that they are currently endorsing, this article is an estimate of their ability and current popularity based in figures of 2019 and potential for earnings in 2020.

10. Ji Chang Wook

Famous for his work in several Korean drama series including Empress Ki, Warrior Dong-soo and the Healer. Ji Chang Wook manages to be a part of the Top 10 Highest Paid Korean actors in the world. He is reported to be charging $42,000 per scene.

Ji Chang Wook will be starring in a new Korean-Chinese production, My Male God.PHOTO: ANGIE NG

Ji Chang Wook is also known for his great singing voice and is immensely popular in China and the Philippines.

9. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is a highly acclaimed Korean performing actor, best known for his roles in Korea Television series from Cain And Abel, Oh My Venus, Master’s Sun and, I’m Sorry. He is reported to charge $67, 100 per scene. In 2009, he tried to break into the Japanese and Chinese market. He is also known for appearing in manga- live action adaptation GeGeGe No Kitaro 2: Kitaro and the Millennium Curse.

8. Park Hyung Sik

Known for his role in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in which he starred together with Park Seo Jun and BTS Taehyung and the ever successful Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with Park Bo Young his popularity grew stronger. Park Hyung sik has an average of $43,000k per year during his early days as a musician. He also experienced immense success for the movie Troll in the US which made around $153.7 million.

7. Choi Si-won

Choi Si-won also known as Siwon, is a singer, songwriter, actor and humanitarian. He has a net worth of $18 million. He first rose to fame after becoming a part of the South Korean boy band Super Junior with the hit song Sorry Sorry in 2009.

However, Siwon’s net worth can be more than that, since their family is already very wealthy even before he became famous. His family alone is worth $500 million dollars as they are the owners of the Hyundai Department store Chain and his father is the CEo of Boryung Medicine.

6. Jung Ji Hoon (RAIN) 

Considered as one of the face that started it all, when we think of famous, iconic Korean actors Rain will always be on top of the list. Rain is the original K-pop male star, who made having abs popular. He is a singer and an accomplished actor and has sold many world tours. He is estimated to have $25.5 million dollars and currently owns a clothing line and his own entertainment company.

5. Park Bo-gum

Park Bo Gum was first recognized for his roles as a film and television actor He also became a co host for the South Korean music program Music Bank with Red Velvet’s Irene. Today he is considered one of the most popular actors in Korea and one of the wealthiest too.

4. Gong Yoo

Due to the immensely successful Train to Busan, who in the world wouldn’t recognized Gong Yoo? He has some of the most successful television drama series including the Guardian: The Lonely and Great God as Goblin. He is one of the most recognizable and highest paid actor of his time with a net worth of over 2 million dollars and more. He is very famous in Taiwan and the Philippines. For simply appearing on events he is paid 20 million won per day or $17,000 USD.

3. Lee Min-Ho

Highly iconic and still one of the most popular Korean actors of them all since the Korean drama hit series Boys Over Flower was released. Lee Min-Ho is estimated to have a wealth of over $15 million and his income streams remain steady as he continues to endorse many projects. Lee Min-ho will always remain as the crowd’s Gu Jun Pyo

2. Park Seo Jun / Park Seo Joon

One of the most humble and most beloved Korean actors in the world. Known for his iconic role in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim that catapulted him into immense fame. He was able to fill up a 15,000 seater in one of the biggest shopping malls in the world in the Philippines in collaboration with Bench and was paid millions of pesos just to appear in the crowd.

He is currently one of the most sough after Korean actor endorser in the world with elite brands like Montblanc. Park Seo Jun appeared in more than 20 commercials both online and offline in January 2019 alone and has signed a huge deal for a clothing commercial in the Philippines. He is immensely popular in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. His film the Divine Fury and his appearance in the Award Winning film ” Parasite was also very notable” .

He is estimated to be a billion dollars worth already, as it is now normal for him to get offered 30 Billion won and over 20 script proposals due to his immense popularity and appeal to the market.

1. Lee Jong Suk

Estimated to have over 60 million won, he remains one of the most hard working and famous Korean actors of all time, due to his immense popularity in China he already has a wax figure in Madam Tussaud. He has also managed to get some of the highest views for his Kdrama shows on Netflix. Lee Jong-suk is known for his roles as Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice and School 2013. He is also a well known model and one of the most iconic korean actors of all time.

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